Win Win Coffee is brewing a revolution in the coffee industry

In Philadelphia, a small business is brewing a revolution in the coffee industry. Win Win Coffee, owned by Nikisha Bailey and Matt Nam, is more than just a local roaster and distributor. It’s a mission-driven enterprise focused on amplifying the opportunities for Black and Brown communities across the coffee supply chain.

Nikisha and Matt entered the coffee industry in 2019, noticing a significant disparity: while coffee stands as the world's second most traded commodity, Black and Brown coffee producers are noticeably absent from ownership within its supply chain. 

Determined to address this inequality, Nikisha and Matt started Win Win Coffee to reshape the industry by providing traceability from coffee bean to mouth. "We visit the farms, intentionally getting to know the farmers and their challenges,” Matt explained, reflecting on their journey to a remote coffee bean farmer in Colombia.

Win Win Coffee’s journey did start with some barriers, though, as they opened their doors just six months before the pandemic started. Due to mandates, they closed their doors at a time when their business was successfully growing. Nikisha describes how initially, they viewed it as a "curse," yet unexpectedly, it turned into a "blessing" when they started to create and ship their own coffee.

In the face of initial challenges from the pandemic forcing them to pivot from their physical storefront, Win Win Coffee found an opportunity to further expand their reach through the FedEx E-commerce Learning Lab. In collaboration with Accion Opportunity Fund, FedEx offers this program to empower women and minority-owned small businesses, providing them with hands-on learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities to enhance their online presence.

"I applied for it because we were shipping out a lot of coffee," Nikisha recalled. "We had developed this e-commerce platform, and so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to learn more about the different distribution options."

Recognizing the need for knowledge about shipping processes, Win Win Coffee utilized the program's learning opportunities to enhance their understanding. Matt expressed sincere gratitude for FedEx and Accion Opportunity Fund’s proactive support by identifying it as “another example of voice amplification.”


Armed with the support and education received through the FedEx E-Commerce Learning Lab, Win Win Coffee has continued to amplify its online presence and has become Philadelphia's pioneering black woman-led roaster and distributor. Nikisha and her team are reaching a broader audience and furthering their mission of equity and inclusion within the coffee industry. The name 'Win Win' embodies their philosophy – as Nikisha summarized, "Everyone wins along the supply chain with us.”