Heart to Heart International mobile medical van heads to Kentucky

In contrast to the devastating fires in the western U.S., Kentucky is experiencing a once in a thousand year flood.

In response to the flood, to help with relief efforts, Heart to Heart International (HHI), based in Kansas City, KS, dispatched their brand new mobile medical van, donated by FedEx.

According to Kim Carroll, President and CEO of HHI, the van headed out for Whitesburg, Kentucky on Sunday, August 7. HHI had team members on the ground in KY the first week of August, assessing how to best support those impacted by the severe flooding.

HHI deployed a follow up team on the 7th. Carroll stated: “Their work will focus on supporting our partner, Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) and will consist primarily of providing ARH with transportation (vehicles and trained drivers) to vulnerable populations in rural areas who cannot access health services due to complications related to the flooding.

“ARH will provide their own personnel and supplies to tend to the patients, while HHI will provide the drivers and FedEx-donated Sprinter van as a facility out of which to operate. HHI is also providing local organizations with PPE, first aid supplies and hygiene kits.”

This response marks the first deployment of the van. Carroll went on to say: “HHI received the finished unit in April and have trained our entire volunteer driver pool on her unique requirements.  The Van is perfect for this type of response, where medical care is needed in remote, hard to reach geography.”

FedEx has been a proud supporter of HHI for decades in their work across the U.S. and around the world.

Photo credit: Heart to Heart International