Volunteers bring joy to FedExFamilyHouse

FedExFamilyHouse (FEFH) provides a home away from home for out-of-town families with children receiving treatment at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. One of the greatest opportunities at FEFH is the ability to volunteer and provide meals for the families.

The Technical Publishing Services (TPS) team at FedEx Express has partnered with 15 Chick-fil-A stores to provide meals to FEFH every Wednesday. These breakfast meals are picked up from the participating restaurants and delivered to FEFH by TPS personnel and other volunteers. Since February 2021, 1,425 CFA meals (breakfast and lunch) have been donated to the families staying there. Also, in the same timeframe, Sonic in Bartlett, TN., has also donated 750 meals for a grand total of 2,175 meals.

Kelly Douglass Blakely, the Volunteer Services & Communications Coordinator at the FEFH posted the following statement on the FEFH Facebook page:

“Family meals are the heart of FedEx Family House, giving families nourishment and the opportunity for community. In the pandemic, providing these meals "Grab-n-Go" style has been a priority, and we are so thankful for Chick Fil A and Sonic partnering with us to continue offering this option to our families. We also want to extend a very special thank you to Steve Macpherson of FedEx, along with the rest of the Technical Publishing Services team and other volunteers, for coordinating these monthly donations and faithfully delivering each meal to our families. All of us are so grateful for our devoted FedEx Family House community-you truly make this house a home! ”

The TPS team, CFA Owner/Operators, and all volunteers are grateful for the opportunity to support FEFH families!!

FedEx team members can search for this and other volunteer opportunities by going to FedEx Cares and clicking on “Volunteer”.