FedEx Services Payroll – Going back and giving back.

National Payroll Week is an annual celebration that honors the hard work and dedication of payroll professionals. This year, the FedEx Services Payroll department celebrated National Payroll Week in a special way. As many team members are returning to the office, the department hosted a FedEx Cares Purple Totes collections in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Memphis, Tennessee, locations.

The Pittsburgh team donated their collected items to the Royal Family Kids Camp. This nonprofit was created to help kids in the foster care system and low-income families. The goal is to connect children with adults who are stable and can provide physical and emotional support to these kids. Kirstin Unrue, Associate Payroll Analyst, has a special connection to the camp.

“This is an organization has been very close to my heart my entire life. I grew up in a low-income family with seven siblings. Money was tight and we needed government and community assistance to get by. Royal Family would help by providing items to my family to help make ends meet. As a small child I started attending the camp at seven years old. Personally, I believe the best thing I gained from the camp is my relationship with my big sisters. They showed me a lot of love and compassion throughout the years. It was also comforting knowing I had a stable person to count on. It’s nice knowing I can help others the same way my family has been helped over the years.”

The Memphis team donated items to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). The YWCA supports victims of domestic violence and other abusive situations. These donations will go directly to these victims and their family members temporarily housed at their non-disclosed location. While at the shelter, the team was given a tour of the facility and amazed by the amount of love, support, and effort given by the YWCA staff.

This community-minded department is a great example of team members desire to drive forward and give back. Way to go FedEx Services Payroll!