Celebrating our interns

Over the last 5 years, FedEx Interns have had the opportunity to volunteer with FedEx Cares in-person. However, this year with in-person volunteering suspended we embraced a new format – virtual volunteering.The intern FedEx Virtual Volunteer Days on July 8th & 9th allowed our summer interns to make an impact and network company-wide. Interns were able to choose from the following seven events, serving communities and non-profits. These events also contributed to the FedEx Cares 50 by 50 goal.

International Medical Corps

Learning about Disaster and Humanitarian Relief efforts and writing letters to first responders

Caroline Landaiche, a FedEx Services intern said, “Getting to participate in virtual volunteering with fellow interns was such a cool way to get to meet people from across all operating companies! Learning from IMC about disaster preparedness and writing notes to first-responders was really enlightening and rewarding. Especially because we have been working online, this was so fun to get to get to know other interns while doing the activities that the IMC provided.”

United Service Organizations (USO)

Learning about The USO and writing letters to the troops

Megan Morano, a FedEx services intern said “I was excited to learn about the USO because both of my parents served in the Army for 20 years each, and I felt connected before the event started. We played a game show style trivia on teams of five. After the game show we took the opportunity to write letters to the troops that were sent out to all the USO organizations. Being able to make an impact as an intern was a phenomenal experience. Also, even though the volunteer event ended, it paved the way for me to make friends with another intern from my volunteer team!”

Sense International

Learning sign-language and recording messages for the deaf community

Laryssa Beard, a FedEx Express intern, was eager to participate in as many projects as possible, “Volunteering for two worthy causes, and learning to express myself serves as a reminder of the compassion that each of us should have to understanding one another and always be willing to learn how to communicate with one another, for not only our growth but the growth of each us, to strengthen our community. Two worthy projects, that led to an enriching and enlightening experience. Thank You FedEx Cares, Goodera, DeafRoots and African Rainbow Family LGBTIQ Equality, for the knowledge that I will forever use as a tool for growth.”

African Rainbow Family

Create illustrations to raise awareness about LGBTQ+

FedEx Services intern Titus Gardner promoted confidence and inclusivity, “This flag might represent an entire community, but to many people this flag means more than a brave group of individuals. This flag represents hope, courage, change, and so much more that I am not able to describe using words. I believe the flag spreads awareness, and lets people know it is okay to be who they are, and to be comfortable in ones own skin.”

Boundless Brilliance

Learn and Inspire by creating e-flashcards

Rachel Welsh, a FedEx Ground intern, said, “I did really enjoy being able to take a step back from my usual work day to do something good for the community with FedEx. I think that it's notable how FedEx takes the time to actively involve interns and employees in volunteer events across such a wide variety of organizations. It gives each individual the chance to volunteer for something they are passionate about.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Record storybooks for hospitalized kids

Naraya Subramanian, a FedEx Services intern, had a deeply personal connection to her event, “I was able to choose a charity that is so close to my heart. When I was in middle school, this organization greatly helped my family while my brother had extended hospital stays. I love to read, and it was an event that really translated even in a virtual environment. Being able to give back to an organization that has personally touched my life with FedEx felt so surreal, and I cannot express my gratitude enough to have been able to participate.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle

Build an educational quiz for kids!

Madison Jason, a FedEx Services intern, feels that “FedEx makes a huge impact in the local and global community. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle Virtual Volunteer Opportunity gave us the opportunity to help children further their education by creating STEM related quizzes. It feels great to give back to children and help them succeed in the future!”

Over 325 of our interns were able to experience FedEx Cares firsthand and meet other summer interns across the U.S. in Express, Ground, Freight and Services/Corporate. They were also given extra opportunities to volunteer again! We are so proud of their drive to enhance the communities we serve through FedEx Cares.