Quakes to coronavirus: Red Cross delivers relief with help from FedEx

Pictured in the photo accompanying this post is American Red Cross Regional Executive Lee Feliciano in Puerto Rico. Lee is surrounded by communications and IT equipment, delivered by FedEx through donated shipping services provided year-round. The equipment pictured was used by the Red Cross in their relief response to the earthquakes earlier this year.

For many years FedEx has provided donated shipping services to the Red Cross to help transport various items including communications and IT equipment in preparation for and in response to disasters.

Sometimes the Red Cross knows in advance an area that will be impacted by an impending disaster such as the area where a hurricane will make landfall or where flood waters are anticipated in a specific area. In these instances, they are able to establish a command center ahead of the event. They then use the sophisticated equipment delivered to the center to maintain contact with their staff and volunteers in an affected area and to help manage their response.

In the case of the earthquakes and aftershocks hitting Puerto Rico, there was no advance notice. However, FedEx was able to reliably and quickly deliver their equipment to help enable their relief efforts after the disaster hit.

In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, Red Cross is using their in-kind shipping account with FedEx to maintain a sufficient supply of blood products for patients nationwide, whenever and wherever it is needed most.

For more than 25 years, as a charitable supporter, FedEx has helped Red Cross deliver relief in response to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods - and now, a pandemic. We admire and respect Lee Feliciano and her team for their relief work in Puerto Rico, and we deeply appreciate the work that Red Cross staff and their countless volunteers are doing in response to the pandemic.

From quakes to the coronavirus, Red Cross delivers relief, with a little help from FedEx.


***Image published with the permission of the American Red Cross