Furry Friends Not Forgotten by FedEx

Whenever there is a mega-disaster, like the recent category 4 hurricane Laura that hit the gulf coast of the U.S., FedEx reaches out to the disaster relief organizations we support year round to see if they may have a special need where FedEx can help.

While we focus on delivering humanitarian aid – to help people impacted by the disaster – we also know that many animals are often displaced and in need of shelter and care. These animals include people’s pets…our furry friends.

After hurricane Laura hit, one of the calls we made was to the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®). This organization indeed was helping with the recovery effort and we found they could use assistance in getting animal relief supplies (kennels, food, etc.) to their emergency shelter operation in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

We provided complimentary shipping to the ASPCA, providing three large trucks to move the supplies, weighing more than 53,000 pounds in total, from Missouri to the emergency shelter in Lake Charles. The photo with this story shows some of the supplies being delivered.

While we continue to assist many other national relief agencies that provide shelter and care to people, FedEx does not forget our furry friends.