Delivering warmth, confidence, and hope

Celebrating Operation Warm’s collaboration with FedEx

Operation Warm and FedEx demonstrate the power of corporate-nonprofit collaborations in creating meaningful social impact. By leveraging FedEx logistical expertise and commitment to social responsibility, Operation Warm has significantly expanded its reach and impact. Since 2016, FedEx has shipped 1.5+ million coats on behalf of Operation Warm, to children around the world. The two entities have also hosted more than 188 events in the U.S., Canada, and South America.

Each year, the Operation Warm Team collaborates with corporations, community organizations, government agencies, and foundations to provide essential clothing items like new coats and shoes to kids who need them the most. And although the primary focus for FedEx has revolved around winter coats, the explosion of Operation Warm’s shoe program allows children to continue being served even during the warm months. In the last year more than 8,400 pairs have reached children in need through the FedEx program.

“Operation Warm’s mission has always been focused on the whole child.  Our tagline, ‘more than a coat’ means that the coats and shoes we provide don’t just provide physical warmth, but also emotional warmth, the confidence to socialize and succeed, and hope of a brighter future.  We’re proud to say that over the last 23 years, these gifts have become a bridge between our partners and families in need to access critical resources,” said Grace Sica Operation Warm’s Executive Director.

Brock Carlson, manager of Talent Acquisition at FedEx Logistics, volunteered for an event at Wells Station Elementary in Memphis. “While I was visiting with the students, a teacher pulled me aside. She pointed out a student and informed me this would be the first coat the child would have that he didn’t have to share, and that he had never had a new coat period.” Brock helped the third grader choose a coat and told him he could have any color he wanted. “He was so grateful and after spending a few moments picking his perfect coat, he gave a huge thank you. I was definitely moved by the encounter and am grateful for the opportunity to support Operation Warm.”

For FedEx, the benefits extend beyond improved employee satisfaction to a stronger corporate social responsibility reputation. This award-winning program serves as an inspiration for future collaborations between corporations and nonprofits to address pressing social needs. Both FedEx and Operation Warm look forward to continuing their work together, further expanding their impact and delivering warmth, confidence, and hope to children in need. FedEx delivered these shipments as a part of the company’s FedEx Cares “Delivering for Good” initiative, in which FedEx lends its global network and unparalleled logistics expertise to organizations with mission-critical needs and helps communities before, during, and after crises. Learn more about FedEx Cares Delivering for Good initiative here.