Meet the winners of the 2023 Purple Totes People’s Choice Awards

The votes are in! FedEx Cares is excited to announce the winning teams of the Purple Totes Contest People’s Choice Awards. These teams secured the most votes in the Most Creative, Most Impactful, and Most Engaging categories. Each of the nonprofits they served will receive a $5,000 USD grant.  

Most Creative Award Winner: NOKY Strong

The NOKY Strong team is based in Independence, Kentucky, USA. The team of 31+ team members came collected 6,277 items for the Joe Burrow Foundation. These items included food and hygiene products that will be distributed throughout the community. Th Joe Burrow Foundation assists children and families in Greater Cincinnati (OH, KY, IN) and Baton Rouge, LA who are dealing with mental health issues and food insecurity.

Most Impactful Award Winner: UAE Heartful Heroes

The UAE Heartful Heroes made an impactful contribution to their community through their purple tote collection. The team based is Dubai, United Arab Emirates, donated over 1,700 kg of food and necessities to the Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs. This nonprofit was founded in 2004 and provides specialized programs for kids between 3-19.

Most Engaging Award Winner: Melody Raymundo’s Team

Melody Raymundo’s team, which is based in Pasay City, Philippines donated over 50 totes to the Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines (ACAP). The totes were filled with school supplies, which will be used by 50 kids in Palanyag San Dionisio Paranaque. The ACAP empower youth through educational programs and social development programs.

If you missed the original announcement, check out the winners of the Purple Totes Contest’s small, medium, and large size divisions here.

Note: Award of the grant for nonprofits that do not have a U.S. affiliate and are not a registered Canadian charity are subject to final vetting and approval by CAF America.