FedEx special delivery in Italy supports kids, diversity, and culture

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Delivering for Good are part of who we are. So, when FedEx had the opportunity to support the Families at the Museum day in Italy through shipping in kind, we said yes! This special delivery truly supports our caring culture.

Last October, families in Italy had the chance to take part in fun, educational activities in 700 museums across the country through the Families at the Museum (F@Mu) day.

With 50,000 families participating, the booklets we delivered to the museums for this event helped children learn about what it means to be different but equal.

Throughout the day, kids and their families participated in workshops and other fun, interactive activities. At the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, children with disabilities and their families created their own short films. The children ended their visit by making a drawing inspired by the day, with a chance to join the FedEx Families at the Museum drawing competition.

"We were delighted to be the official logistics support of the National Day of Families at the Museum (F@Mu). This year we delivered over 1000 packages to more than 700 museums across Italy containing booklets for participating children,” says Stefania Pezzetti, VP Ground Operations Southern Europe, FedEx Express. “The theme was 'Different but equal', which made this edition all the more special as it is very dear to our hearts. Thank you to the teams that made it possible and congratulations to F@Mu for a great day!"

This is the eighth year we’re supporting the Families at the Museum day through shipping in kind. Through initiatives like these, we contribute to our FedEx Cares 50 by 50 goal, to positively impact 50 million people by our 50th anniversary in 2023.