2024 Q3 FedEx disaster response updates

FedEx supports multiple nonprofits, including the American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, The Salvation Army, Team Rubicon, and World Central Kitchen, that work to help communities recover from natural disasters. By providing charitable donations and in-kind shipping, FedEx continuously helps these organizations deliver critical aid, like medical supplies and meals, to those who need it most.

Through our company’s Delivering for Good program, we work with global disaster relief nonprofit organizations year-round to respond when catastrophes impact communities around the world.

Recently, FedEx and nonprofit organizations it supports have been on the front lines, delivering essentials to help those in need.

07/01/24 – 09/30/24 (updated 07/15/24)

Hurricane Beryl

Our hearts go out to the survivors of Hurricane Beryl. We are in close touch with several international relief agencies that we work with year round as they assess and respond to the damage done by Hurricane Beryl.

  • We are moving more than 5,000 pounds of hygiene kits to Kingston, Jamaica for Heart to Heart International. Direct Relief is distributing to responders lifesaving gear funded by FedEx including 40 medical backpacks able to serve as many as 500 people each, and two Hurricane Prep Packs one to Grenada and one to St. Vincent. Each Hurricane Prep Pack contains enough medical supplies to care for 1,000 people for 30 days.
  • FedEx is moving 10 pallets of hygiene kits (more than 4,500 kits) to Kingston, Jamaica for Heart to Heart International.
  • Additionally, World Central Kitchen is sending 5 pallets of solar lights, coolers, and Liquid IV oral rehydration solution to Grenada via FedEx.
  • Safe water systems engineered and built by Water Mission prepared for pickup by FedEx are on their way to Union Island in the Caribbean. Each system can provide as much as 5,000 gallons of safe water per day. FedEx is a longstanding sponsor of Water Mission, supporting the relief organization year-round to help bring safe water to those in need.
  • FedEx is also supporting the Internal Medical Corps as they are assessing damages and responding to impacted areas. You Learn more about FedEx's Humanitarian Relief efforts here.


We ask that FedEx team members refrain from collecting donated items, as FedEx does not provide charitable shipping for collection drives and donated items. If you would like to contribute to the relief efforts, you may volunteer or donate cash directly to an organization of your choice. Learn more about FedEx's Humanitarian Relief efforts here.