Serve your community. Donate to a charity. Fill a purple tote bag.

FedEx cares. We know that the power of education can change lives in our community and across the globe.

Street smarts start with safety

 FedEx cares. Working together to build diverse communities.

FedEx cares. Delivering hope after a disaster.

FedEx cares.

FedEx cares about the communities where our team members live and work and the causes they support.

FedEx cares. How are you changing your community?

FedEx cares.

FedEx provides corporate contributions, in-kind shipping and more to help bring about positive change in communities around the world. You can help. Volunteer today and make a difference in your community. FedEx and you – changing lives, changing communities, changing the world. FedEx cares.


A Week of Hope

FedEx Cares Week: September 21 - 27

FedEx Cares Week is a coordinated volunteer effort that occurs during the FedEx Cares United Way Campaign. To get involved, plan a service project during this week.

FedEx teams around the world are gearing up to deliver hope. Click on Volunteer/Give to search for opportunities in your community. Check back as the dates approach for more information.

Deliver Hope 

Beginning September 8th, and extended to run through November 21st, FedEx team members have the chance to bring hope to their communities during the FedEx Cared United Way Campaign. Here's how you can get involved with the 501(c)(3) organization of your choice:

1. Donate to the organization through the pledge system.

2. Serve the organization by volunteering.

3. Find out what supplies the organizatrion needs, then fill and deliver purple totes. 



The Power of Hope Starts Here

For two months, you will have the opportunity to deliver hope during the 2014 FedEx Cares United Way Campaign. So round up your team members and help make the world a better place.

Whether you plant trees, make a donation to the campaign, spruce up a library, help build a home, or deliver purple totes to an organization in need - all of your service shows just how much FedEx cares and how we deliver hope around the world one community at a time.




  • October-November: 2014 Junior Achievement Competition Middle East (TBD)


  • November 5-6: ADF Partners in Community Forestry Conference (Charlotte, NC)
  • November 12: APIASF Scholarship Benefit (New York, New York)
  • November 17-21: Purple Tote Bag People's Choice voting begins
  • November 21: FedEx Cares United Way Campaign Closes (Giving site closes)
  • November 28 - December 1: 2014 Junior Achievement Competition Americas (Ecuador)


  • December 2: National Civil Rights Museum Freedom Awards (Memphis, TN)
  • December 3-5: 2014 Junior Achievement Competition Africa (Gabon)

February 2015

  • February 25: Hispanic Scholarship Fund College 101 (Miami, FL)