Dr. Corrie Amos, owner of The Spice Theory in New York, New York

This holiday season, Dr. Corrie Amos, an anesthesiologist with a love for flavorful, healthy cuisine, reflects on her business, The Spice Theory. This culinary venture has a mission to create Caribbean-inspired spice blends with a health-conscious approach, redefining the landscape of the spice industry.

Heart disease, the leading cause of death for Americans, serves as a backdrop for Dr. Amos's mission. As she explains, “It's the number one killer of all Americans, with Black Americans suffering at 30% higher rates.” This sobering statistic fueled Dr. Amos's commitment to creating flavorful, low-sodium spice blends along with honoring her grandmother's memory.

“I grew up in Jamaica, cooking in my grandmother's kitchen. She had heart disease, and that fueled my passion for creating flavorful, low-sodium spice blends as a tribute to her,” Dr. Amos shares.

Preserving her cultural roots was important to Dr. Amos as she was trying to bring her family and community together over a shared love of food. "I wanted to combine my background in medicine with a healthier approach to eating and honoring the food that we love," Dr. Amos explains, her voice reflecting the passion that drives her venture.

Dr. Amos holds the belief that maintaining a healthy diet should never mean sacrificing taste, and moreover, quality. That’s why each blend undergoes a five-point quality check in a small commercial kitchen, using freshly ground, all-natural ingredients sourced directly from farmers, some even in Jamaica.

As Dr. Amos's business continued to grow, she began to look for support. That's when she discovered the FedEx E-Commerce Learning Lab through Accion Opportunity Fund. The program supports small women-owned and minority-owned businesses who want to enhance their e-commerce through hands-on learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Dr. Amos recalls deciding to apply to the program by saying it was a “no-brainer” as she found a huge value in what the program offered. “I've taken advantage of the classes, joined study halls. It's really a great opportunity,” Dr. Amos shared.

Highlighting a specific class on digital marketing strategies, Dr. Amos emphasized the pivotal role of marketing, stating that it "plays a major role" in attracting customers to the website and generating interest in the product.

After getting people interested, she needed to gain insights about how to optimize her shipping policies. As she noted, “FedEx is internationally known for their shipping, and being part of the lab helped me ensure that my shipping policy is on par with industry standards.”

All of the opportunities she took advantage of were, in part, to prepare The Spice Theory for the holiday season. She gained insights on how to proactively plan for this season to sustain the growth in sales. Dr. Amos plans to offer enticing deals to sustain holiday shopping, such as curated gift sets and holiday bundles. Through a strategic approach to shipping and a focus on customer expectations, she aims to provide spice enthusiasts with a seamless shopping experience.

To add a flavorful touch to the holidays, Dr. Amos generously shared a recipe for us all to bring to the table: Carrot Top Chimichurri. This holiday season, she encourages everyone to embrace good health, great flavor, and the joy of culinary exploration.