The Best of the Best: Bailey’s Child Development and Learning Center

Owned and operated by a dual military couple, Bailey’s Child Development and Learning Center started when the Bailey’s were facing difficulties finding reliable childcare while on active duty. Knowing they could not possibly be the only active military family dealing with this issue, the couple opened an at home childcare facility in 2013. Very quickly, three enrolled kids increased to 12 kids and the demand continued to grow, forcing Bailey’s CDC to implement a waiting list for other families who needed these services.

Bailey’s CDC provides curriculum to students in addition to training sessions for parents who need education support or information on childcare. Bailey’s CDC also provides jobs within the local community, expanding benefits and impact beyond the facility.

The Baileys identified this growing need for trustworthy and reputable childcare and were committed to providing this service. However, with no expertise in starting and running a small business, all of this was very new. They had to look for organizations that could provide them with all the knowledge and resources to properly operate and continue to grow the learning center.

Raphaela Bailey, part owner of Bailey’s CDC understands the fear and discomfort parents feel when placing their children in childcare. Raphaela understands the parents they service because she has been in their shoes. She recalls her time on active sea duty and how terrified she was to leave her babies. She has compassion for the parents leaving their kids in childcare and wants to create a safe environment where parents feel confident leaving their children.

With the demand for Bailey’s CDC increasing, the couple looked for ways to attract new employees while caring for their current staff. Through programs like the Shared Service Alliance, United Way, and Alamo Workforce, Bailey’s CDC was able to better understand the needs of the community.

As a recipient of a FedEx Small Business Grant, Bailey’s CDC can concentrate on efforts to invest more time in growing their business. The Baileys shared they plan to “take the center to the next level and become a Texas Rising Star-certified program,” a program that will help provide healthcare for teachers at the center.

With the grant funds, Bailey’s CDC will continue providing a much-needed space for children to learn and grow, parents to learn, and further engage local community members. Bailey’s CDC desires to contribute to their local economy and successfully set up the leaders of tomorrow for brighter futures.

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