The Backdrop Room creates an open space for all

From growing up in a family that was always spending time together for holidays, birthday parties, or special occasions, Taylor Rednose-Uko knew that encouraging others to be with their loved ones was something she was passionate about.  And that’s how The Backdrop Room came to life.

Rednose and her family put their vision to life by creating an open space that allows their customers to have a flawless, stress-free experience; whether that be family-events, photoshoots, birthday parties, dinner parties, etc. As someone who loved to host, Rednose wanted to create a space for others that made hosting events as easy as possible and eliminated all hoops and red tape. Rednose knew from a very young age that cultivating a space for others and hosting events was her calling, “Since I was 12 years old, opening an event venue was on my bucket-list.”

“There is nothing better than the joy around being with your friends and family,” Rednose notes as she thinks back on why she started The Backdrop Room. The event space is a “blank space”, so to say, for guests to host any type of event with add-on assistance from Rednose and her husband for a hassle-free and safe environment. Celebrating special moments with her family is what really touched Rednose, and she wanted others to share that feeling with her.

From a single-mother household, Rednose heavily bonded with her mom over creativity and from an early age, Rednose immersed herself into her creative side. She made her environment bigger than it was by using her imagination and leaning into her vision. Rednose had a vision and leaned into the adventure of starting her own small business with the expertise that came naturally to her. For her entire life she has been eager to throw gatherings. “I remember my friends all wanting me to host and plan their baby showers, engagement parties, and weddings before we even started The Backdrop Room, I think hosting is truly just a part of who I am” Rednose recalls.

Being the first business owner in her family, Rednose did not fully understand business operations. Rednose soon realized she was underestimating the costs associated with starting a business and turned to researching different grants and opportunities for support. She found the FedEx® Entrepreneur Fund, a collaboration between FedEx and Hello Alice, and immediately applied. “It was truly life-changing to win something at that scale,” Rednose notes as she recalls getting the call from Hello Alice that The Backdrop Room was a 2023 grant winner. She reflects on this moment, noting that wins are hard to come by when starting a business and each win makes a huge impact. “The FedEx® Entrepreneur Fund made it easy by compiling all necessary information in one place. As someone who is technologically in tune, the fact that all these resources are virtual and are laid-out for me, there is no easier way to go about it. It truly is so accessible, and everything has been clear and concise,” Rednose said.

Having never worked with FedEx or Hello Alice before, Rednose mentioned her interest in staying up to date with both organizations, especially the work FedEx does on a “citizens-facing level” and is thrilled to work with a company who has the expertise that FedEx has working with small businesses and who has been doing this type of work for a while. Rednose expresses her appreciation for the FedEx Entrepreneur Fund and the resources that come along with it, “I am able to continue learning through this process and once you stop learning, you stop growing,” Rednose said. The significance of learning is huge, and learning from anyone and any resource that you can makes the world's difference, she said.

The Backdrop Room is a place not just for Taylor to live out her creative dream but opens the doors for anybody who wants to lean into their creative side. Rednose reflects on what being an entrepreneur means to her and values how after all is said and done, being a small business owner truly highlights the importance of being your authentic self and doing what you were set out to do. “This is some of the hardest work I have ever done, I am constantly digging deep and thinking back on why I started The Backdrop Room, but it truly is the most rewarding feeling when you see the impact you are making on yourself and your customers.”

***Photos courtesy of Taylor Rednose, co-founder of The Backdrop Room

The FedEx Entrepreneur Fund is an initiative to help military-connected entrepreneurs and small business owners with disabilities gain access to the funding, resources, and networks they need to help their businesses succeed. Since 2022, the FedEx Entrepreneur Fund has provided thirty $10,000 grants to small businesses annually for a total of $600,000. In 2023, FedEx invested an additional $100,000 to create the FedEx Boost Camp, a new six-month growth experience for FedEx Entrepreneurship Fund winners including monthly business coaching workshops, mentorship, and networking.