Water Mission and FedEx Bring Safe Water to 4,000 in Tanzania

As we celebrate World Water Week August 20-24, we are proud to come alongside nonprofit organizations like Water Mission who work to bring safe water solutions to those in need around the world.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2 billion people around the world lack access to safe water. This global water crisis significantly affects those in remote areas of developing countries, like 12-year-old Mussa who lives in Igamba, Tanzania (pictured below).

Mussa is very familiar with the water challenges his community faces. Like most children, he spent his childhood days walking to the lake and waiting in long lines to gather water. This contaminated water made many in the community, including Mussa, sick from water-related illnesses.

With support from FedEx, Water Mission (a Christian engineering nonprofit that builds safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions) completed a safe water project in Igamba serving nearly 4,000 people.

When Mussa learned Water Mission was starting a safe water project in Igamba, he got excited and hopeful for the future. “I will be happy and the whole community will be happy because Igamba’s major problem will be solved,” Mussa shared.

With the project’s completion, water from a drilled well is treated, pumped to a storage tank using solar power, and made available at tap stands throughout the community.  Safe water is now easily accessible, improving people's health and giving the community hope for the future.

“With the aid of FedEx’s shipping solutions, we can get supplies like solar panels and water treatment systems to some of the neediest areas of the world,” said Water Mission President and CEO George C. Greene IV, PE. “We are grateful for our long-standing relationship and the commitment of FedEx to help us fight the global water crisis.”

To learn more about how Water Mission is serving men, women, and children around the world, you may visit watermission.org.

Photo credit: Water Mission