Helping Children SEE LOVE

Orbis is focused on saving the sight of children worldwide – and we are providing an opportunity for people around the world to send a letter of support to a child awaiting surgery.

If you would like to join us in helping children worldwide SEE LOVE click here to send a message now.

For more than 40 years FedEx has been helping Orbis deliver sight-saving care to communities around the world. Their pilots volunteer to fly the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital on our ophthalmic training projects, and FedEx employees even donated the MD-10 aircraft itself. The company also donates valuable shipping services to get much needed medical equipment and supplies to sight-saving programs around the world.

Thanks to the support of caring people and caring companies, we can deliver vision care to young people across the globe. When treating children, our teams and partners go the extra mile to show kids the love they need when receiving critical eye care. Caring people like Captain Gary Dyson, seen in the photo above playing his guitar to children awaiting surgery on a Flying Eye Hospital project in Mongolia in 2019.

By restoring the vision of children, we can help them SEE LOVE … in the faces of their family and friends, and the caring providers working to save their sight!

Click here to send a message of support to a child this holiday season, to help them SEE LOVE.

*Guest post from Caitlin Golub, Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships, Orbis International