Paying it forward: 40 impacts yields additional 34,000+ impacts

This summer, forty college scholars from Usher’s New Look (UNL) learned about career opportunities at FedEx. Usher’s New Look is a nonprofit providing leadership programs that support youth in underserved communities to find their passion, and in turn, their career pathway. Because 86% of UNL youth are first-generation college scholars, UNL developed the Moguls-in-Training Leadership Summit to support essential skills for college graduation and successful career transition. At the FedEx Express Oakland operations hub, employees representing Express, Ground, Office, and Services shared insight into the FedEx enterprise and culture.

Kelvin Davis, FedEx Express Sr. Manager of Operations, shared his life lessons and career journey as a 20+ year FedEx employee. “You have to take advantage of opportunities to peek into the future. Get outside of your everyday. When your vision grows, so do your possibilities,” emphasized Davis.

Moguls-in-Training students participated in various workshops on leadership and teamwork, as well as personal experience panels and career exploration round tables.

Showcasing a myriad of career opportunities within FedEx was a major target for this 3-day workshop. FedEx leaders shared stories around team management, promotional and lateral job movement, and tips for achieving a healthy balance in life. “When we talk to youth about FedEx, we want them to see the allure of our team culture and the power of bringing a unique perspective to enhance the team and the business,” noted Perrin Crews, Sr. Communications Specialists at FedEx Services.

Kayla Bonner, UNL Mogul exclaimed, “These were some of the most engaging and impactful sessions since I’ve been a part of in this program.” A fellow Mogul Tony Betton Jr. added, “They [FedEx] stepped in to find ways to engage us with their own direct leaders…and the team goes above and beyond.”

The experience concluded with a collaborative FedEx and Usher’s New Look volunteer event at the local Alameda County Community Food Bank. A mix of Usher’s New Look scholars and FedEx volunteers spent the afternoon sorting, boxing and packing food in service of 300,000 Alameda County residents who need support. The over 42,000 pounds of food served by the volunteers will help feed 34,500 individuals in the community. “This event really encapsulated the theme of the training by showcasing the need as leaders to give back to others,” said Cher Woodward, FedEx Express Sr. Manager of Operations.

Forty scholars gleaned first-hand, professional experience and leadership skills. They then gave back by supporting 34,500 Alameda County residents in need. Read about how FedEx is positively impacting lives in our diverse communities. To learn more about the FedEx Cares 50 by 50 goal to positively impact 50 million people by our 50th anniversary in 2023, visit