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Volunteerism: The Core of FedEx Cares

90,500 hours

volunteered by FedEx Team Members during the fall FedEx Cares campaign

Giving back is part of the FedEx culture. Team members support our charitable investments and local community needs by dedicating their time where they live and work around the world. Volunteerism is more than a one-time event or delivery.

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Volunteerism & Purple Totes

Our goal is to donate ~$500K in goods to non-profits in need.

E.g., Dec 13, 2018
E.g., Dec 13, 2018

Healing Invisible Wounds - 2nd Place Winner in the Purple Tote Bag Story Contest

Dec 22, 2016

Our nation has a mental health crisis that rarely makes the news: suicide of our veterans. Given the stress of serving our country — in situations few of us could only tolerate for an hour, let alone endless months and years — our nation’s veterans are far more likely to commit suicide. It’s time to erase the stigma, to talk and to act.

One Mountain United - 3rd Place Winner in the Purple Tote Bag Story Contest

Dec 21, 2016

The Mountain Family Center in Granby, Colorado is a member of the Family Resource Center Association in Colorado, and among the many family services they provide, is the only food bank and coat closet in Grand County. They service over eight towns in Grand County where in the schools the free and reduced lunch program enrollment ranges from 36% to 50% of students. Because of these statistics, the Mountain Family Center has made it their mission to provide hunger relief to students and families through their totes program.

Food For Thought - 3rd Place Winner in the Purple Tote Bag Story Contest

Dec 21, 2016

Many common phrases link food and thought: “thirst for knowledge,” “use your noodle,” “brain candy,” “meaty discussions.” After all, we think best when we have something to chew on. Nourishment is how we thrive.

Recently a related but more negative term has seeped into our vocabulary: food insecurity. It describes more than 15 million kids in the U.S. whose only steady meal comes from their school cafeteria. This lack of food can lead to lower academic achievement, anxiety, and chronic health problems. Without food, these students simply have no chance to think.

Strategic Planning collaborates with The Neighborhood Academy to serve under privileged students - Purple Tote Bag Story Contest Finalist

Dec 20, 2016

The Neighborhood Academy (TNA) exists to close the achievement gap by helping students from underserved areas, and has been incredibly successful in doing so. All of the graduating seniors have been accepted to a four-year college or university, 64% graduate from college in five years or less which is well above the national average, and 89% are employed in fields such as business, education, medicine and social work. FedEx Ground Strategic Planning strongly believes that TNA matches our values to create opportunities and promote growth.

Beth-El Farm Workers Ministry Volunteer Event - Purple Tote Bag Story Contest Finalist

Dec 20, 2016

On September 2016, the ZBDT team had a volunteer event at Beth-El Farm Workers Ministry in Wimauma, FL. Beth-El was founded in 1976 to assist the Hispanic farmworkers and their families with everyday needs such as food, clothing and shelter. At Beth-El’s facility in Wimauma, each Tuesday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, they distribute food bags containing basic nutritional food items such as rice, beans, canned goods, cereal, pasta, bread, and other staples.