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Volunteerism: The Core of FedEx Cares

90,500 hours

volunteered by FedEx Team Members during the fall FedEx Cares campaign

Giving back is part of the FedEx culture. Team members support our charitable investments and local community needs by dedicating their time where they live and work around the world. Volunteerism is more than a one-time event or delivery.

Our Stories

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Volunteerism & Purple Totes

Our goal is to donate ~$500K in goods to non-profits in need.

E.g., Dec 13, 2018
E.g., Dec 13, 2018

Chicagoland LIN II Outreach

Nov 6, 2018

It was fun and full of energy helping the local food depository prepare frozen food. We exercised all of our experiences and created the fastest supply chain "known to man"
The Purple Promise and the esprit de corps motivated us to compete with other Volunteers that were present. We packaged 500 Handling Units, 500 Bills, 50 units per pallet, 100% depart, .15% LTC, 0.08 CTS...while maintaining NO ACCIDENTS & NO INJURIES
Living the PSP (FXFR) at it's finest

Rose Brooks Center

Nov 5, 2018

Twelve KCY, EKC, and TOP employees teamed up to help at the Rose Brooks Center. It is a domestic violence shelter that helps people dealing with domestic abuse. They provide emergency shelter to escape life-threatening abuse for adult women, children, and pets in the community who need support and resources.
Our FedEx Cares team helped stock and organize canned foods in the kitchen, sorted clothes for the in-house clothes closet, and unloaded an organized pet food as well as personal hygiene products.


Nov 2, 2018

PARADISE FARM CAMPS - This registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization began in 1875. It is also known as The Children's Country Week Association. Their mission is to connect children with the outdoors by providing day camp, school study programs and overnight camp to children who otherwise would not be able to afford such an experience. For those who pay for any such services, the money goes to support the camp's continued maintenance and operations. They also rely on grants and funding throughout the year.

Properties Food Drive

Nov 2, 2018

Properties, under VP Brian Marflak, designated our last fundraiser for the United Way Campaign to a Food Drive of non-perishable items.
I am eager to announce that the Alpha Omega Veterans Services of Memphis will be blessed by the generosity.
Here is a Link to their site if you are interested in learning more about the charity: https://www.alphaomegaveterans.org/
I am thankful for all that contributed! Very proud of our Organization.

FCUW Pumpkin Contest

Oct 31, 2018

Properties decided to have a little fun with the United Way Campaign on Halloween!
Each department was asked to participate in a No-Carve Pumpkin Contest.
The 2018 Pumpkin Contest Winner this year is our Facility and Sort System Maintenance Team.
The theme for their pumpkin is from the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks: Wilson!
$1.00 to vote and 100% proceeds went to United Way