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Volunteerism: The Core of FedEx Cares

90,500 hours

volunteered by FedEx Team Members during the fall FedEx Cares campaign

Giving back is part of the FedEx culture. Team members support our charitable investments and local community needs by dedicating their time where they live and work around the world. Volunteerism is more than a one-time event or delivery.

Our Stories

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Volunteerism & Purple Totes

Our goal is to donate ~$500K in goods to non-profits in need.

E.g., Oct 21, 2019
E.g., Oct 21, 2019

Restoring the Duwamish

May 14, 2019

Restoring the Duwamish: FedEx Cares Seattle Volunteers Give Back and See Great Results

In the Spring of 2013, Seattle FedEx Cares volunteers installed plants along the Duwamish River and created “rings of life” around newly planted trees clearing away invasive weeds. The Duwamish River is the only river running through the city of Seattle and is a vital part of the local habitat. Six years later another group of FedEx Cares volunteers, including many from the original group, returned to the river and an adjacent site to help again.

Adopt a Highway

May 5, 2019

This past weekend MSP Freight went out and cleaned up our portion of Highway 36, just right outside the MSP Service Center. Overall we had 21 volunteers, ranging from our Service Center Manager, Leadership, City Drivers and Dock Employees. We gathered at the MSP Service Center for breakfast and to watch a Safety Video before we headed out for the day. We cleaned up a total of 3 miles of highway and filled up 84 bags. This was a great day to do good in our Community.

Nimitz Beach Cleanup

May 4, 2019

FedEx Ground & FedEx Express Honolulu, in partnership with 808Cleanups, hosted a beach cleanup in Kapolei, Hawai’i. The cleanup focused on open fire remnants that litter our environment & hurt others. HONO 0968 discovered 3 whole pallets hidden behind bushes & unearthed 4 bon fires full of rusted nails and recyclable cans. Together 541 lbs of rubbish was taken off of Nimitz Beach.
(left pic): FedEx HONO team: Admin Idalia and Ops Mgr Mike.
(right pic): Naidus & Nevaeh.
(bottom pic): FedEx Ground and FedEx Express Honolulu partnered with 808 Cleanups.

March Of Dimes in Sacramento

Apr 27, 2019

Sacramento Smart-Post Hub, SACA helped the organizers of March of Dimes, March for Babies in Sacramento on Saturday 04-27-2019; as they registered participants, and directed marchers at the march kick off. The hub’s team also had a table/booth on the March grounds where FedEx Cares totes, stickers and pens were passed to marchers. The FedEx Cares tote was the hot ticket item; as it was seen during the march with over 200 totes that were given out.

Mokulei'a Beach Clean Up

Apr 27, 2019

FedEx Ground Honolulu, in partnership with 808Cleanups and Patagonia Haleiwa, hosted a beach cleanup in Mokulei’a, Hawai’i. The cleanup focused on open fire remnants that litter our environment & hurt others. HONO 0968 unearthed five bon fires & filled a 5 gallon bucket with nails. Together 258 lbs of rubbish and 19 lbs of recyclables has been removed from Mokulei’a.
(left to right): FedEx HONO team: P&D Coordinator Ranell Asuega, Naomas & OPS Mgr Tamara Ochoa.
(right pic): OPS Mgr Tamara with her bucket of treasure-nails.