Tri-County Empire St. Martha's Pantry Volunteer Day

Tri-County Empire St. Martha's Pantry Volunteer Day

Oct 25, 2017

The Southern California Tri-County Empire Sales Team under the Desert Pacific Region voted to repeat our Charity Burrito Bake Sale & St. Martha's Pantry Food Drive and Volunteer Day.
At 5:30am on Oct 13th the Tri-County Sales Team donated 100+ Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Chorizo, Potatoes, Cheese, and Tortilla’s and make fresh to order Breakfast Burritos for Sale at FTA Freight Station in addition to donated baked goodies, 75+ Empanadas and novelty coasters for sale. During our United Way Fundraising we were able to collect $601.00 dollars to be donated that same day to the United Way selling out of burritos 50, donated novelty coasters, baked goodies and 75+ homemade Chicken with New Mexico Green Chile Empanadas.
Our Second event with the help of the Sales Team we collaborated with Multiple OpCo’s across the Inland Empire. Fontana Freight Station FTA donated Freight Boxes for multiple stations in effort to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to St. Martha’s Pantry. We worked with 4 OpCo’s this year in order to gain awareness and bring additional donations to the Pantry. The Ground Divisions, Local and West Rialto Stations, Fontana Freight, and Temecula Express Station collected non-perishable food items during the campaign. In total we collected 450+ non-perishable food filling 101 purple tote bags with a conservative total around $750.00 worth of food donated to St. Martha's Pantry. Each OpCo went above and beyond to showcase our community volunteering in order to help others. St. Martha's Pantry services over 540+ registered families in Murrieta, Winchester and the French Valley Corridor at no charge weekly. The purple totes delivered to the Pantry service as a multi-use when the holidays arrive the Pantry will give free of charge over 1000 Turkeys to families in the Purple Totes provided by FedEx. They look forward to our annual volunteering day, donations and purple totes.

We had a choice as I submitted multiple options of volunteerism within our community and for the 3rd year in a row we choose to donate our time at St. Martha's. This location warms our hearts and by giving back it reenergizes our spirits as a TEAM!

We collaborated with our OpCo's this year for an even bigger turn out. We sold out of food at our burrito/bake sale and we still had more donations coming in after we collected for the pantry. We could keep the efforts going with the hearts and willingness of the Inland Empire FedEx Team. Large thanks to all that donated and the OpCo's who came.

Tri-County Empire Sales Team - 30 Totes
Fontana Freight Station - 58 Totes
Local Rialto Ground Station - 1 Tote
West Rialto Ground Station - 4 Totes
Temecula Express Station - 8 Totes