Seattle FedEx Team Doubles Disaster Relief Efforts

Seattle FedEx Team Doubles Disaster Relief Efforts

Nov 13, 2018

Building off their success from last year assembling 900 hygiene kits, Seattle FedEx Cares volunteers doubled their efforts. This year the team’s goal was to assemble 1800 hygiene kits to be used in disaster relief efforts by Heart to Heart International. Heart to Heart International is a non-profit whose mission is to strengthen communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide.

Besides folding 1800 towels and washcloths, labeling bags and building boxes prior to the event, volunteers heard about the long-standing relationship between FedEx and Heart to Heart International. They also heard how FedEx is using its core competency of shipping to deliver for good worldwide.

During the actual kit building process, the group was divided into two massive assembly lines. Each person had a specific role from loading the items to sealing and boxing. There was even a station at the end of each line devoted to quality control to make sure there weren’t too many or too few of an item put in each kit.
With customers, quality and efficiency at the core of everything we do at FedEx, volunteers carefully and speedily packed an astonishing 18,000 items into 1800 personal hygiene kits in under two hours! The kits will be deployed to wherever they’re needed to aid disaster survivors. “My favorite thing about volunteering for FedEx Cares was knowing that I was helping make a difference,” says La Tisha Simmons of FedEx Office.

“Even more fantastic than almost 70 team members in my community coming together to help those in need is the fact that FedEx is supporting dozens of similar events around the country,” added Taylor Evans-Race of FedEx Office. Visit to read about more projects or search #fedexcares on social media to see posts from projects around the world.