Restoring the Duwamish

Restoring the Duwamish

May 14, 2019

Restoring the Duwamish: FedEx Cares Seattle Volunteers Give Back and See Great Results

In the Spring of 2013, Seattle FedEx Cares volunteers installed plants along the Duwamish River and created “rings of life” around newly planted trees clearing away invasive weeds. The Duwamish River is the only river running through the city of Seattle and is a vital part of the local habitat. Six years later another group of FedEx Cares volunteers, including many from the original group, returned to the river and an adjacent site to help again.

“I was completely amazed at how much has grown,” says volunteer, Julie Anderson of FedEx Logistics. “I was here in 2013 and the plants and trees were just inches tall and now I can’t see my fellow volunteers over them—the growth is just tremendous.”

Working with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation and Forterra NW, a non-profit committed to conservation, the group of volunteers helped spread 12 cubic yards of mulch along the river’s bank. They also removed invasive tansy and Himalayan Blackberries, helping to improve the river’s overall health.

“While we were working, we had people come by and clap and cheer for us to thank us for our work,” says Julie. “It was really encouraging.”

“The overall difference is astonishing--it looked like an industrial work space before and now it looks like a park!” Julie summarizes.

This is just one of 18 spring FedEx Cares volunteer projects with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation underway in the U.S. You can learn more at