The Power of Purple!

The Power of Purple!

Nov 3, 2017

The Power of Purple

FedEx is synonymous with volunteering, with caring. We, as an organization, have seen this demonstrated time and time again. This year’s FedEx Cares campaign is no different. It further shows that volunteering is at the core of the FedEx culture.

This year, FedEx Air Operations Engineering held “The Power of Purple” charity event in support of the FedEx Family House. The Air Ops volunteers raised funds to purchase, prepare, and serve a meal to the FedEx Family House guests, which resulted in three full meals for the entire house. The FedEx Family House pantry was stocked with the largest purple tote donation to date. Finally, a children’s activity was held where the kids had a chance to construct and decorate a FedEx airplane costume and fly it around the FedEx Family House delivering packages “around the world”.

The preparation for this event actually began at the end of last year’s campaign as nothing more than an idea, a simple sketch on notebook paper, and a “wouldn’t it be neat if we could do this?” Well, that is exactly what happened. The simple sketch grew into an airplane costume test scale model, then measured and plotted in a design drawing, and, with some the help of the FedEx Services Packaging Lab, the final children’s activity airplane costume came to life! The airplane costume design even included a simple modification for a wheel chair. In order to accurately capture FedEx on the side of the plane, the correct RGB pantone was used for purple and orange and was printed by FedEx Office. Additionally, the Packaging Lab provided scaled prints of the continents on cardboard which were strategically placed throughout the FedEx Family House so the children could deliver the packages. (*Reportedly, one of the FedEx Family House pilot deliveries included none other than Santa Claus himself!) As you can see, while this was a FedEx Cares event hosted by the Air Operations Engineering Department, the FedEx spirit of collaboration was truly apparent in this endeavor.

The Air Operations Engineering Department came together and worked as one on this event to give back to the community by supporting FedEx Family House. This FedEx Cares event assisted the FedEx Family House with their ability to continue to provide free, comfortable accommodations to out of town families of patients at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The smiles on the faces at the FedEx Family House further proves that FedEx Cares by Delivering “The Power of Purple”!