Water Mission and FedEx keep the drinking water flowing in Honduras

The following is a guest blog from Aaron Mason at Water Mission

Denis, 32, took the storm warnings seriously. He moved his wife, daughter, grandmother, and five other family members from the home they share in La Danta, Honduras, to stay with relatives who live on higher ground. A farmer, Denis also felt responsible for his grandmother’s 27 cows, herding them to a friend’s pasture in another village where they would be safe.  

Thanks to those decisions, although Hurricane Eta’s fury took many of his family’s possessions, but not their lives.  

Denis, a soft-spoken man, was also concerned about the safe water systems that had been running so successfully in this community until the back-to-back storms pummeled the area. The solar panels needed repair to get the Living Water Treatment System (LWTS) back running. As vice president for the Safe Water Committee (SWC) of Water Mission’s permanent project in La Danta, he’s often the point person fielding questions about water access. Already, families returning to clean up their homes were asking him about when they could expect safe water. 

Fortunately, a crew from Water Mission was able to repair the solar panels in the LWTS (delivered with help from FedEx). Even though there was no electric power in La Danta yet, families could now begin to access safe water.