International Medical Corps & FedEx provide surge capacity for COVID19

Since March, International Medical Corps has deployed 29 emergency medical field units across the US. Many of these units have been delivered to the sites thanks to FedEx. The units provide surge capacity to medical facilities overflowing with patients due to the pandemic in the US, ensuring they have critically needed space for triage and treatment of COVID-19 patients, or treatment of patients without the virus.

International Medical Corps stores these units in a warehouse in Memphis, TN not far from the FedEx distribution hub. Storage is provided by FedEx. When needed, the units can be quickly picked up and delivered virtually anywhere in the world through the global FedEx transportation network.

International Medical Corps deployed the units in these pictures at Barstow Community Hospital, in southern California, on January 6. The hospital will use them to expand the capacity of its emergency department and improve patient management and flow.


Photos published with permission of Barstow Community Hospital