FedEx delivers needed medical supplies to Heart to Heart International

Kansas City-based Heart to Heart International joined forces with FedEx to distribute more than 170,000 medical masks to healthcare workers in Kansas City and surrounding areas, Memphis and Los Angeles in April. FedEx provided shipping for Heart to Heart International as part of its FedEx Cares “Delivering for Good” initiative, where the company uses its global network and shipping expertise to help organizations with mission critical needs in times of disaster and for special shipments.

Hundreds of thousands of PPE items have already arrived in Kansas City as part of the organizations’ joint efforts, including hand sanitizer and other medical supplies, as well as supplies for hygiene kits. These elements have been and will continue to be distributed to a variety of hospitals and first responding locations.

“This PPE distribution came at such a critical time in the Kansas City-area and FedEx helped us get supplies to organizations and facilities most in need,” offered Dan Neal, vice president of operations for Heart to Heart International. “Heart to Heart is committed to continuing active measures to support healthcare workers during these unprecedented times and help curb the spread of the virus with the assistance of FedEx Cares through donated deliveries.

Heart to Heart International strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide.


*** Photo published with permission of Heart to Heart International