FedEx Custom Critical delivers bagged lunches for 120,000 students

Bagged lunches destined for 120,000 students in Memphis, Tennessee

When Richard Smith, FedEx Express Regional President and Executive Vice President, U.S. Domestic and U.S. International, received a request from Ron Redwing, President and CEO of Redwing Group, LLC., for a temperature-controlled truck to transport lunches for students in Memphis, he called on FedEx Custom Critical to find a solution.

“When I learned of the extended precautions the Governor was taking, I knew something needed to be done,” explained Redwing. “The Shelby County School District is an essential part of this community, and even more so, the students, their families and school faculty within it.”

In collaboration with the Redwing Group, the YMCA, Southwest Community College and the City of Memphis, FedEx Custom Critical helped deliver bagged lunches for more than 120,000 Shelby County School District students.

FedEx Custom Critical Operations Supervisor Wendy Davy worked directly with Redwing and FedEx Custom Critical independent contractors David and Michelle Storie to make the first round of deliveries possible.

“After discussing the needs of the school district with Ron, we planned to station the temperature-controlled straight truck at one location, so it would act as a cold storage-unit for the food,” said Davy. “From there, community centers receiving the food collected the lunches to distribute to students.”

Around the globe, collaborative efforts continue to arise during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this has prompted many to help in different ways, FedEx continues to extend charitable efforts during these unprecedented events.