Personal Branding Workshop at Boys and Girls Club of Harlem

Personal Branding Workshop at Boys and Girls Club of Harlem

Oct 27, 2017

Boys and Girls Club of Harlem Mentoring Workshop
West 145th St New York
Date: October 27th 2017
New York Metro Upper West Side District
District Manager: Stephen Pitt
Field AE’s: Michael Walker, Chad Wilson, Ryan Deehan, Fran Travieso, Mike Bernier, Joey Almodovar, Richard Froller, and Tina Cardona

Career development and Personal Branding Workshop for local Youth

We approached the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem for this year’s event as we wanted to do something within our districts community. Their target age group is teens and they have been having events aimed at college and work force preparedness. We developed an afternoon workshop on personal branding and social media responsibility.
To bring an understanding of FedEx culture to the event we started out with a PSP exercise. Our PSP ambassador Chad Wilson led the group in the Cultural Scavenger Hunt (from PSP site). This was a great way to learn about the kids and get everyone comfortable with each other. Mike Bernier then went over “FedEx Fun Facts” with a trivia style game asking the kids questions like:
- How Many packages FedEx delivers each day?
- How Many planes/Trucks does FedEx own?
- Corporate Headquarters?
- Monthly visitors to
Ryan Deehan then led a section about “Individual Paths to FedEx.” He discussed his own path to FedEx and how his goals as a teenagers changed and how he was always working to improve himself.

The last part of the afternoon was the creation of their individual brands. We put together a worksheet packet and we went through the following steps.
1. Name 5 words that describe your personal brand
2. Select Goals for the below time period that align with your brand description above
- 1 Day
- 1 Week
- 1 Month
- 1 Year
- 5 Years
3. The team then interviewed the teens to learn more about their brand and the goals that they set for themselves. We stressed the importance of making SMART goals and pushed them to make these as specific and measurable as possible
4. Lastly we had the teens create positive affirmations to help them stay focused on their goals. We discussed FedEx’s purple promise and how this company affirmation leads each employee’s daily actions.
We ended the afternoon with an open forum for any questions.

The afternoon was a learning experience for both the children and all FedEx employees. We are already looking to go back in early 2018 to follow up with the kids! We are hopeful that this is the start of a long relationship between the NY Metro UWS team and the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem.

- If you would like to see the presentation I (Michael Walker) can forward it. I was just unable to upload a pdf or powerpoint.