Global Entrepreneurship

Advancing women and minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

FedEx is committed to giving entrepreneurs everywhere the tools they need to succeed.

Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 45% of formal, permanent, full time employment and more than 70% of the creation of net job growth in low and middle-income countries.1 In the U.S., small businesses create 60 – 80 percent of net new jobs annually.2

Women and minority-owned businesses face disproportionate challenges to accessing the tools, networks, training and capital needed to transform an idea into a successful enterprise. In the U.S., women own 36 percent of small businesses, but only earn 11 percent of small-business revenues.3 Minorities own 20 percent of small businesses but earn only 10 percent of revenues.4 We want to change this by connecting entrepreneurs — especially women and minorities — to the resources they need to stay in business, create new jobs, support their families and contribute to thriving communities.

FedEx was founded by an entrepreneur who created a new industry. That’s why we believe in the people who are willing to dream, take risks, persevere and change the world for the better.

1 Source: “Small vs. Young Firms across the World Contribution to Employment, Job Creation, and Growth.” World Bank Group, 2011

2, 3, 4 Source: U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy

Success Stories

  • Initiated a new strategic alliance with Vital Voices’ GROW Fellowship, a one-year accelerator supporting 65 women-owned businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. The program provides business skills training, technical assistance, leadership development and access to networks — ultimately leading to business and economic growth.

  • Supported the launch of the Babson College Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab in Miami, an eight-month program designed for high-growth women entrepreneurs.  Over 40 percent of the 20 companies in the inaugural program raised over $100,000 in funding and several teams are actively seeking growth capital.

  • Enabling access to critical financial literacy training through an alliance with Accion, an organization that supports and empowers entrepreneurs through client education initiatives – part of its commitment to creating financial inclusion for all.  In FY16, FedEx launched a two-year initiative to create a digital version of Accion’s award-winning Dialogue on Business (DOB) program in Colombia, which aims to ensure that the working poor, and particularly women entrepreneurs in semi-rural areas, have the skills they need to succeed in their enterprises and support greater economic livelihoods.

  • Working with The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Student Entrepreneur Program (WBENC SEP) in fostering growth for future women-owned businesses through education and mentorship.

  • Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs by working with Junior Achievement (JA) on the JA Worldwide Program and by offering the JA FedEx Access Award