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Volunteerism: The Core of FedEx Cares

90,500 hours

volunteered by FedEx Team Members during the fall FedEx Cares campaign

Giving back is part of the FedEx culture. Team members support our charitable investments and local community needs by dedicating their time where they live and work around the world. Volunteerism is more than a one-time event or delivery.

Our Stories

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Volunteerism & Purple Totes

Our goal is to donate ~$500K in goods to non-profits in need.

E.g., Jun 22, 2018
E.g., Jun 22, 2018

Liberty House

Oct 28, 2017

For more than a decade, Liberty House has been providing a safe, supportive, substance-free housing community for American veterans transitioning out of homelessness. Since 2004, our dedicated team has helped over 200 homeless veterans rejoin their communities and regain fulfilling, independent lives. Every staff member, donor and volunteer help spread the magic of Liberty House throughout the community. Every veteran that walks through our doors is treated with the utmost respect, regardless of their combat status or length of service.

Showing loving care for “Pink Lavender”

Oct 27, 2017

On 27.Oct 2017, WUH Post Sales Solutions team lead a great activity to support children with cerebral palsy and Down's syndrome, we call them “Pink Lavender”. As we know, the color of Lavender is purple, it’s very different when lavender is pink, but it’s as beautiful as purple lavender, just like the children, even though they are mostly of lower childhood IQ, they still can play like normal kids through long-term practice.

Personal Branding Workshop at Boys and Girls Club of Harlem

Oct 27, 2017

Boys and Girls Club of Harlem Mentoring Workshop
West 145th St New York
Date: October 27th 2017
New York Metro Upper West Side District
District Manager: Stephen Pitt
Field AE’s: Michael Walker, Chad Wilson, Ryan Deehan, Fran Travieso, Mike Bernier, Joey Almodovar, Richard Froller, and Tina Cardona

Career development and Personal Branding Workshop for local Youth

Fedex Cares at Chapman Partnership

Oct 27, 2017

We enjoyed a day full of serving the resident children and families. We also provided amazing activities and beautification of their landscaping at their North center. To spend the day with them and see all the happy faces was a true blessing.
Volunteers from ZKEN Ground, ZFTL Ground, Latin America and Caribbean Division, Sales, Express and Freight.

ITO FedEx Family House visit

Oct 27, 2017

Our team visited the FedEx Family House on Friday, October 27. We had 26 people in attendance and our donations totaled over $500 worth of items in purple bags. We made cookies, rice-krispy treats and muffins and restocked and organized both the pantry and their storage room.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this way. Please see the attached pictures.