Team RAF Contributes to Mid-South Food Bank

Team RAF Contributes to Mid-South Food Bank

Dec 2, 2016

The Strategy, Innovation, and Product Development Marketing team from Memphis and Collierville, TN chose to work with the Mid-South Food Bank for the FedEx Cares United Way Campaign. Our team chose this organization because of their mission to change lives by eliminating hunger in the Mid-South. By providing food for families, children and seniors, we impact their lives by solving one of the biggest struggles they face: getting enough nutritious food to eat to live a healthy life. and how important they are. We also knew that our donation would be delivered closer to the holidays, and we wanted to help ensure families had meals during the holiday season.

Since our team is divided between 2 locations, WTC-60 and Forest Hill Irene (FHI), we had two drop off locations where individuals could either donate items from the wish list or cash. The items on the wish list contained all types of canned goods and non-perishable items, as well as, personal care items, which we were able to collect to fill inside our Purple Tote Bags. The team ended up delivering 100 Purple Tote Bags with around $300-$400 worth of canned goods and toiletries to the Mid-South Food Bank. Our team agreed that we would also volunteer for the Mid-South Food Bank as well, and would surprise them with our Purple Tote Bags when we arrived.

When we arrived on our volunteer/delivery date, The Mid-South Food Bank was quite surprised, and so thankful, for the generous delivery of our Purple Tote Bags. They made sure we understood the importance of the donations, as they distribute food across 31 counties, spanning 3 states (TN, MS, AK). These donations are critical during the holiday season, to ensure families don’t go hungry. They also made sure we understood the importance of volunteering, as they have an incredibly lean staff, and rely heavily on volunteers to help with the Mid South Food Bank’s mission and operations.

Everyone on the team was happy, grateful, and energized after delivering and volunteering with the Mid-South Food Bank. It’s important to our team to have these opportunities to help and give back to our community.