FedEx Delivers

FedEx Delivers

Dec 18, 2016

On October 17, I had the pleasure of volunteering at Texas Children's Hospital. The Periwinkle Foundation aids in the upkeep of the Arts In Medicine program there, where all art forms are offered and presented to the children receiving treatment for cancer/blood disease. Art has proven to heal many ailments and being able to play a role in helping children and their caretakers to enjoy as much of the day as possible is a blessing, indeed.

This particular visit was exciting, because my colleague left a handful of FedEx Activity Books when she visited weeks prior and had a coloring competition, to which they won. She completed 2 coloring pages and the entire FedEx Acitivity Book! As she was showing me the trucks and planes she colored, I noticed the page where she drew and colored little figures inside a square with a caption asking what she wanted FedEx to deliver.

When I returned to work, I shared the photos and story about what she wanted FedEx to deliver-and my manager and coworkers agreed we should get the items she requested and deliver them. After finding a store with Shopkins Galore, we filled a FedEx box with a backpack, notebook, pencils, stuffed animals, little figures, and a calendar, we packed the box and delivered it to her. To my surprise, I was greeted with a tin of sugar cookies and a homemade card, Blessing FedEx and thanking us for her gifts. I concluded her mother let her know we were coming.

It was such a beautiful moment-to watch her light up as she pulled each item out of the box, and additional items out of the backpack. She was extremely grateful as were her sisters and parents. This by far has been an eventful time, and I wanted to share with everyone the contagious smile of a child whose story would excuse a frown---or bad attitude.

Art heals-and as always--FedEx Delivers.