Dec 12, 2016

The Sales Team-Team Catawba decided to help the Children's Attention Home this year. I discovered the Children's Attention home because my mother's church group was making blankets. She told me they were for a children's home in Rock Hill, SC because these children are removed on the spur of the moment, in the middle of the night or at any time from an unsafe situation at home. They are not allowed to take anything with them and of course they are often terrified at being taken from their homes. The blankets are to give them some type of comfort.

When I learned about this, I reached out to the Attention Children's Home in order to see what the Sales Team-Team Catawba could do to help. The Children's Volunteer Program Coordinator, told me they already had sponsors for the children's Christmas gifts and stockings. What these children needed were underclothes. She said they often had torn, old socks, underwear, t-shirts, bras, and some of them did not have any at all. So, my team went to work. We each sponsored three children and each girl received socks, t-shirts or bras, and underwear. The boys received socks, underwear and t-shirts.

When we finally delivered the Purple Tote Bags last week, the Attention Home Staff was thrilled. They said for us not to feel bad about not giving the fun stuff for Christmas. The children will be smiling and laughing about getting the underclothes. Some of them have never had any of these items brand new. Sometimes, when the children are brought in and handed a new pair of pajamas they will start smiling and say they never had new pajamas before. They also told stories of how the older girl’s underclothes were so small or old they actually had to tie the straps together and even how their socks were so old they were filled with holes. Can you imagine being thrilled over a pair of new socks? These children were.

We learned as a team how much we are blessed and how we take every day things for granted. We are going to keep partnering with the Children's Attention Home throughout the year as they have other needs as well. Thanks to FedEx and the United Way, we were led to this wonderful organization and will continue to work with them in the future.