United Way Donation Drive

United Way Donation Drive

Nov 21, 2016

Portland Local came together to help benefit The SAFES at Fairbridge (Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter) located in Portland, OR. The primary goal of SAFES is to empower women to move from being homeless to living in housing.

The women SAFES serves must be at least 18 years old to stay at the shelter, but right now, the majority of the women are over 35 years old, many are over 50 yrs old. There are 50 short term shelter beds and 48 mats, but they will be able to increase their size by approximately 50 more as soon as some construction is done on one of the floors. A newly renovated area of the building has 35 Single Resident Occupancy rooms for women seeking permanent housing. These women are able to stay for 12 months as they learn to transition into permanent housing. They continue to receive on-going support after placement in permanent housing.

There are several services the ladies can access through the SAFES program; bus tickets, meal tickets, limited financial assistance. There are Case Managers who work with the women and help them advocate for other services that SAFES doesn't provide. There are several life-skills classes, Bible Studies and craft classes that are offered. SAFES is also the only shelter in Portland who accepts trans people.

The team members in Portland Local worked together to provide SAFES with over 24 Purple Tote Bags. These were filled with toiletry items and more that will benefit SAFES and the people they serve.