An Ordinary Delivery Leads to an Extraordinary Moment

An Ordinary Delivery Leads to an Extraordinary Moment

Johnathan Nichols, an employee of KPR Express, Inc., a FedEx Ground service provider, has met thousands of people during the course of his daily routes.

“Trying to remember them all can be a bit difficult,” he said.

There is one woman he’ll never forget.

Johnathan remembers stopping at a house in Central, Louisiana on August 20. While scanning the packages in his truck, he noticed a woman outside frantically washing her clothes with a water hose. He carried the packages to the door and was greeted by her daughter, Courtney. She thanked him for the delivery and mentioned that the packages were for her mother, Donna, who had recently lost her home in the floods that have devastated areas in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Johnathan started walking back to his truck when he saw Donna break into tears as she tried to salvage the clothes that remained. He felt compelled to help.

“As much as it hurts me to have a bad day, it hurts me even worse to see someone else have a bad day,” Johnathan said. “There had to be something I could do, even if it was just to give her a word of encouragement. I let her know that she had family, she had friends, and, most importantly, she had God.”

While Johnathan held hands and prayed with Donna, Courtney pulled out her phone and took a photo to capture the moment of compassion and unity.

“It stopped me in my tracks,” Courtney said. “I’m so thankful. He may never know the true impact of the moment, but I knew and my mom knew it was a very special act of kindness.”

Courtney posted the photo to her Facebook page as an example of hope amidst the tragedy happening all around in the surrounding area.

That photo has since generated over 20,000 likes, 7,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

Johnathan said he was surprised when he saw that he had been tagged in the photo and all the attention it had received.

“It broke down so many different divides and so many different barriers and so many different opinions,” he said. “It was about true love and compassion for mankind.”

Johnathan exchanged contact information with Donna and Courtney and said they will be lifelong friends.

“He has impacted us in so many ways,” Courtney said.

FedEx continues to support flood relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi through its long-standing relationships with The American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief and Team Rubicon. These organizations are working to assess the situations in the affected areas and to provide critical needs like medicine, clothing, shelter, food and water.

Visit the following sites to find out how you can help: