Rebuilding Houston Brick by Brick

Rebuilding Houston Brick by Brick

Sep 9, 2017

My daughter Breanna Carroll and I wanted to do something for children victimized by Hurricane Harvey.

As we all know, the hit from Hurricane Harvey has been nothing short of devastating not only to those directly impacted, but by those of us watching as well. No one can truly put in to words what these people have been through (and will continue to go through for months and years to come). In particular, this experience has been especially traumatic for children.

We wanted to do something to let these children to know that while physical things can be destroyed and taken away; creativity, inspiration and imagination cannot. We wanted these children to hold on to hope, as Houston rebuilds brick by brick. We put our passions and heads together and came up with a plan. We combined her love of Legos and my love of supporting children’s charities and came up with the idea of doing a Lego collection drive for these children.

With the support of The Colony Manager Troy Powell as well as city Fire Chief Scott Thompson; we were able to secure one of The Colony Fire Stations as our drop off point. Our collection times were 9/9/17 from 12 to 6pm and 9/10/17 from 12 to 4pm. Several people also donated through work, Amazon Prime etc.

In all, were able to collect new Legos for 102 children!!!! These toys were delivered to Ron Barkley, Minister of Development at Houston's First Baptist Sienna. Through the church's volunteer efforts, the Legos were distributed much to the surprise and delight of many, MANY deserving Harvey children this past weekend.

We are thrilled beyond words and hope to organize another drive over the holidays. Not only was it an incredible experience for my daughter and I to share; the feeling of knowing we made an impact on these children is priceless; just beyond heart-warming.

I encourage everyone to help in whatever capacity you are able. Every single contribution matters!!!

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