Freight Arrives Just in Time - Dayton Foodbank

Freight Arrives Just in Time - Dayton Foodbank

Jun 8, 2017

During the week of June 5th (2017) various leaders from the Northeast region were attending a Leadership Institute II Class in Dayton, OH. The class includes a volunteer event on Thursday at the local Foodbank. On Monday of that same week, pop-up hail storms pummeled the area and destroyed all of the 300+ newly planted tomatoes. The participants were originally scheduled to support their "food sort", along with some additional needs in their community garden. However, the weather altered the plans and the FedEx team was going to focus on "food sort" and "weekend care packages" for school aged children as the food bank figured out how to deal with the unfortunate destruction to their tomato plants.

As fate would have it, Wednesday afternoon there were two gracious donations made by local nurseries of over 300 tomato plants. A call was made by the Foodbank's volunteer coordinator (Aaron) just before class ended for the day to the instructor to see if the team's efforts could be focused on recovery of the garden. A quick note about the Dayton Foodbank and their community garden. One year ago, the Leadership Institute II class was instrumental in helping establish the food bank's recent efforts to establish a community garden. The request to polish their green thumbs was met in typical FedEx fashion and vehemently welcomed by the team.

With only about 2.5 hours of the Purple Promise to share, the team removed the damaged plants, prepared and fertilized the soil, and replanted all of the donated tomato plants. For good measure, they cut, bagged, and stored over 250 lbs of lettuce for distribution in the Miami Valley area (Dayton). The garden manager (James) was extremely pleased with the team's efforts. He stated that their collaboration and enthusiasm just spared him many long days and nights trying to reestablish their support with fresh vegetables in the community.

As always, an effort like this had just as much impact on the class as it does in the community. Most all of the participants referred to the experience in the garden and its impact on their perspective for their people, themselves, and their families. Great job done with great effort by great people! Way to go Freight team!