FedEx: “At FedEx, We’re as Diverse as the World We Serve”

FedEx: “At FedEx, We’re as Diverse as the World We Serve”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

With more than 400,000 FedEx team members worldwide and millions of customers, diversity seems to be a top priority for FedEx.

“At FedEx, we’re as diverse as the world we serve. From Harlem to Hong Kong, from Sao Paulo to Sydney, the world of FedEx is all about connecting people, places and cultures,” the FedEx website explains. “To meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we reflect that diversity within our organization and celebrate it in communities around the world.”

DIVERGE spoke to Thanh Anderson, Lead Diversity & Inclusion Director, FedEx Services to find out more:

What makes your company stand out in terms of your diversity initiatives? Which one are you most proud of?
FedEx was founded and continues to thrive on living out our P-S-P (People-Service-Profit) philosophy.  If you treat your People well, they will provide your customers with outstanding Service, which will in turn generate Profit that can be reinvested towards further success.  Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy and initiatives are grounded in our belief in P-S-P. We work tirelessly within FedEx and in the communities we serve across the globe to create an environment where all people are welcomed, and diverse viewpoints are encouraged and valued.

Which one are you most proud of?
It’s tough to select just one program or aspect of our Diversity and Inclusion initiative that I’m most proud of, as there are so many. However, the support that we receive from our leadership and the executives that passionately participate on our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee has been pivotal in our journey. Their commitment has been instrumental to advancing our culture of inclusion.

Why is diversity so important to your company?
If you rely solely on the news these days, it may feel like the world is growing less accepting of different groups and ways of thinking. But at FedEx, I believe the opposite is true. Our success requires that we provide exceptional service to an increasingly diverse customer base, and we are equally committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. Every day, I see our culture and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at FedEx growing more vibrant and relevant, making us stronger and knitting us more tightly together.

 How do you create an inclusive environment?
Creating an inclusive environment is all about looking a situation through the other person’s lens and seeing things from their perspective. We’re all familiar with the Golden Rule – treat other people the way you want to be treated. I encourage everyone to embody what I call the ‘Platinum Rule’ – treat other people the way THEY want to be treated. To me, that’s what Diversity and Inclusion today is really about. As we interact with other team members and with our customers, we try to remind ourselves that we ‘haven’t been on their journey.’ It’s about seeking to understand others and stretching ourselves. When we leave our comfort zone, we learn and grow.

Why should companies focus on diversity?
Diversity and Inclusion can be a force multiplier in support of a company’s growth strategy. As the business landscape evolves, creating and offering relevant capabilities and innovative solutions to your customers is mission critical. When you bring in people with different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences – and aim for a common goal – they can provide the best services and solutions for your customers and, ultimately, profit that can be reinvested towards further success of the business.