GTS supports FedEx Family House - The Power of One Great Group of Volunteers.

GTS supports FedEx Family House - The Power of One Great Group of Volunteers.

Dec 14, 2016

On December 9th, a great looking crew of twenty volunteers, dressed in purple T-shirts swarmed the FedEx Family House in Memphis to deliver and sort 787 Purple Tote Bags! We knew we had to do better than last year when we delivered over 550 Purple Tote Bags. These volunteers represented 230 employees of the Global Program Management & Engineering Team. For several hours, we unloaded and sorted food items, juice drinks, water, paper towels, toys, cleaning supplies, along with health and beauty products. Enough supplies to last the facility approximately four months. There were so many Purple Tote Bags, we had to use two FedEx vans and seven other personal vehicles just to get the Purple Tote Bags delivered. What is also amazing is that these bags can also be reused as the families use them to load up their supplies.

Why do we do this? We are truly blessed to be a part of a great company that encourages employees to make an impact in their community by means of service activities. Our Director laid down the challenge and the team's response was tremendous! Many team members went out of their way to make this a success.

Why did we pick the FedEx Family House? The FedEx Family House opened its doors in December 2010 and is the first home of its kind for families at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. They provide cost-free housing for families of patients receiving treatment at Le Bonheur. Dealing with a child’s illness is not easy. Families travelling from out of town to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital should not have to deal with the added stress of finding a place to stay while caring for their loved ones. FedEx Family House takes care of the little things so families can take care of their little ones. They have served over 40,000 family members from around the world since opening their doors!

The power of one multiplied by the efforts of many, can do great things!